Failproof Royal Icing


10g Egg White Powder
20g Water/Lemon Juice(Room Temp)
120g Icing Sugar (with corn flour)
5g Corn Syrup(I use light corn syrup)
5-15ml water(see consistency needed)
Gel Food Colors (I use Chefmaster)


1. In a bowl, add in egg white powder, 40g icing sugar and water. Using a hand mixer, mix together at high speed till mixture becomes white.

2. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and add in the remaining icing sugar. Mix together using high speed till thick and stiff peaks form. Add in corn syrup and beat till combined.

3. The amount of water added depends on the consistency you need.
For piping outline consistency, add 5-10ml water(can start adding 5ml first and adjust accordingly).
The royal icing should fall off your spatula and triangular pointed tip will form and hold its shape. You can set some aside in a piping bag.

4. For flooding consistency icing, add another 5ml water, this time the royal icing will fall slowly in a continuous flow off your spatula. The fallen off icing will merge back in 5 seconds. You can add the colors drop by drop to get the desired tone.

5. Start by piping outline of the cookie/sections needed, then using the flooding icing to fill in, smoothen by using a pointed stick/toothpick or cookie needle. Let dry first if filling in details or features.
Can blow dry under fan. After the icing are done, I use oven fan(u need to have 40-50 degrees)for 15-20mins so cookies remain crunchy. If your oven don’t have low temperature, you can preheat your oven @ 150 degrees, switch off and placed your icing cookies inside for 15 mins.

*Pls take note that different egg white powder got different texture, if u see is lumpy, sift before using. Some icing sugar uses pure sugar, so remember to get those with corn flour/corn starch. Remember water or gel color will affect consistency so slowly add in to icing for required consistency.

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