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Hello Kitty Gula Merah Kuih Bangkit Cookies

Ingredients 600g Sago Flour 150g Corn Flour 2 pandan leaves (cut into 3cm pcs) 210g of the cooked flour mixture 1 egg yolk 85g gula merah/gula melaka 80ml coconut cream Method 1. Stir fry sago and corn flour with cut pandan leaves in a wok over low fire for 30 mins or when the flour […]

Easy Pak Thong Koh (Steam White Sugar Cake)

Ingredients 280g rice flour230g fine sugar 600ml water1 tsp dried yeast with 3 tbsp of lukewarm water1/4 tsp pandan paste1/2 tablespoon vegetable oilMethod 1. Mix rice flour with 300 ml water and set aside.(mix till no lumps)2. Pour remaining 300ml water, sugar and pandan paste in a pot and heat toll sugar dissolved. Immediately pour […]