Failproof Shortcut Chewy With Crunchy Pistachios Cranberries Nougats

150g white marshmallows
35g unsalted butter
100g coffeemate creamer powder
Peanuts or other nuts 90g(pls toast in oven if not those ready to eat type)
50g cranberries
Cocoa Powder/Green Tea powder(replace 20g coffeemate with either one flavor)

1. Using a non stick pan, melt butter over low heat.

2. Add in marshmallows, stir together with butter till melted.

3. Stir in coffeemate creamer, if you are using cocoa/green tea,pls sift together with creamer first. Switch off heat once the creamer combines with melted mixture.

4. Sprinkle in nuts and cranberries onto mixture evenly before mixing.

5. Pour into lined mould/pan, spread evenly. If u want a smooth top,use another silicone mat/baking paper and use a small rolling pin to smoothen the top. Leave to room temperature to set, if not using silicone mold, freeze in freezer ard 5 mins then remove nougat from mould/baking paper/non stick pan. Cut into desired size, wrap with rice paper, sealer packaging or candy wax paper. Great as gifts!

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