Easy Mango Coconut Jar Pudding


3 mangoes(1 cubed and leave aside,the other 2 to be blended)
60ml coconut milk
60ml condensed milk

60ml evaporated milk
70ml water
1.5 tablespoon gelatine(I only use 1 cos prefer softer texture)

1. Pour water, coconut milk and gelatine powder into a small pot and warm over small flame. No need to boil, just to dissolve gelatine.

2. Blend the 2 mangoes, condensed milk and evaporated milk till smooth.

3. Pour in coconut mixture and blend well.

4. Place cubed mangoes equally into glass jars, leave some aside for putting on top later.

5. Pour the mixture into jars and use chopstick to stir to remove any air pockets. Place remaining cubed mangoes on top of each jar. Chill in refrigerator before serving.

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