Salted Caramel Recipe


150g Caster Sugar
Water just enough to cover the sugar
200g Whipping Cream
50g Unsalted Butter
8g Sea Salt(normal salt 4g)
2 small pots/pans

1. In a small pot/pan, add in sugar, coat the sugar with just enough water, don’t need to add too much water. Cook with low heat, don’t stir, just shake your pan around, till sugar syrup becomes golden brown, if too dark brown will be bitter.

2. While waiting for the sugar syrup to become golden brown, you can prepare another pot, pour in the whipping cream and heat till bubbles form at the edges, don’t need to be boiling.

3. Pour in the heated whipping cream into the browned sugar syrup, continuously stirring and heating over low heat. Add in the sea salt.

4. Cook till thick, when u run through your spatula, there will be a line formed at the bottom of the pan. Switch off heat and add in unsalted butter and mix till combined.

5. While still hot, pour into glass jars and seal up. Onced cooled, you can store in refrigerator.

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