Shortcut Taiwan Spring Onion Nougat Crackers

Recipe makes 32 pcs

120g Marshmallows(1 cut into 4 smaller PCs if using mini ones no need cut)
40g Unsalted Butter
40g Milk Powder(I use Coffeemate)
50g Dried Cranberries (cut into small PCs, can use other dried fruits too)
Any flavor crackers u like, preferably salted ones

1. In a non-stick pan, melt the butter, once all melted, u can add in the marshmallows.

2. Once marshmallows melted and butter in infused together(but don’t overmix too long, the mixture must be still wet), u can slightly stir in milk powder and add in the dried cranberries.

3. Once the mixture is evenly mixed, while still hot, u can use a mini ice cream scoop(ard 1 tsp) to fill onto one cracker and slowly press another pc of cracker together.

4. Another method is to wait for mixture to cool down, but still warm(cos if totally cold the nougat can’t stick to the cracker), this way u can handle it without burning yourself. Pls wear food safe gloves to prevent sticking and pinch into one teaspoon size, roll into a ball and slightly flatten before placing onto cracker.

5. Once cooled store into airtight containers immediately or seal in sealer bags.
Can store for one month.

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